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My Advice Gateway

My Advice Gateway is a free resource to help you quickly find the information you need to claim benefits, access help and support or look for a job or training opportunities. Other services include sections on banking, insurance and how to manage debt.

There is so much information available on the internet that it can often be a tedious and time consuming activity to search through the mass of advice that is available in order to find the information you need. Even government websites that have been set up to provide help can be difficult to find your way around.

My Advice Gateway has been built to help you find the information you need quickly and effectively. Links will take you to authoritative advice or the precise application form you need.

We hope you will find My Advice Gateway useful. If you do, why not tell your friends. . .


LHS provides a complete range of web-based housing option services to more than 60 local authorities and hundreds of housing associations across the UK.


My Advice Gateway constantly checks its links to other information sources to ensure they work properly.

However, if you do find a link that does not connect, please let us know so that we can fix it quickly.

Simply drop us an e-mail and tell us which link did not work. We will check it out and put it right.

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Applying for jobs

Advice on the different stages of a job hunt, including how to search for a job, how to improve your interview technique and how to write an effective CV is available at the National Career Services website.

Preparing a CV

A CV is a short list of facts that allows you to show an employer what skills and experience you have. (CV is short for curriculum vitae – with means “course of life” in Latin).

A step-by-step guide on how to prepare and set out your CV is available at the National Career Services website.

Also available are CV tips - how to avoid common mistakes and make your CV stand out.

You can also talk to a Careers Adviser about how to improve your CV on-line or by calling 0800 100 900.

Guides containing useful tips, step-by-step writing guide and sample CVs to help you prepare a professional CV are available at the following links:

  • myperfectcv.co.uk - Interactive easy to use instant CV builder with advice, tips & guides
  • jobulo.com - Free step by step CV creation application
  • Totaljobs.com -Downloadable CV templates and CV writing tips for a variety of different circumstances
  • Reed.co.uk - How to write a CV including a free CV automated Builder
  • livecareer.co.uk - CV example directory searchable on location, job title, industry etc

Covering Letter

Your CV should be accompanied by a covering letter that highlights your most relevant skills & achievements, points out to the employer that you have the qualities the job calls for and makes a statement about yourself and your suitability for the job, as well as demonstrating your writing style.

Most employers initially spend no more than 30 seconds reading each application therefore you must make sure that your covering letter makes enough of an impression in a very short time to make the reader want to learn more about you. 

Step-by-step guides on how to write a covering letter are available at the following links:

Application Forms

Although you have submitted your CV you will probably be required to complete a company customised application form.

Your application form will determine whether or not you will make it through to the interview stage therefore it is important to ensure that you get it right. 

Step-by-step guides on how to complete an application form are available at the following links:

  • CV Library - Job application form tips and tricks
  • jobs.ac.uk - Top Tips for Online Job Applications